Girl Geek Dinners: Another successful event

This post was originally written by Suhaifa Naidoo and published in Realm Digital’s blog.

A bunch of fabulously geeky girls got together last night for the second Girl Geek Dinner. The dinner, which was held at La Mouette in Sea Point, was organised and hosted by Mariska Du Preez. We were treated to a 6-course tasting menu and everything was simply delicious!

Steve Vosloo and Mandy J Watson were the evening’s guest speakers and shared their knowledge with us. Steve’s talk was very “pro-women”, and spoke about the economic sense it made for a company to have women in senior positions. Of course this didn’t surprise us women. He also spoke about empowering women through mobile. In some Middle Eastern countries, women get better tariff rates, and 41% of women who own mobile phones find better job opportunities! That made my jaw drop…literally! Mandy, a true geek girl, spoke about the Nintendo 3DS and brought some along to show the crowd. I was never a big gamer, but after seeing this amazing toy, I might have to go out and get one.

It was also an awesome opportunity to spend time with Sue Levy, Christine da Silva, Naazneen Parkar, Stacey Rumble, Shawn Graaf and Alexandra Fraser!

An event is not an event without goodie bags! A big thank you to Chef Sam, IT Web, Liqui Fruit and Verlaque Foods for the goodie bag sponsorship. Check out the biscuits with the Girl Geek logo that Chef Sam made:



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