Event write-up: September GGDCPT

On Wednesday 7 September we hosted our fourth Girl Geek Dinner Cape Town at the gorgeous Savoy Cabbage restaurant.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to make this an extra special event:
Suhaifa Naidoo from Realm Digital for organising (once again) some amazing goodie bags
– Our gorgeous, smart and inspirational guest speaker, Rapelang Rabana
– Gadget reviewer, Mandy Watson
– Venue scout, Alexandra Fraser; photographer, Elodie Kleynhans; and sound engineer, Justin Alvey
– Our sponsors: Chef Sam Cakes, TEP, Ster Kinekor, New Holland Publishing and Van Wealth Portfolio Management

Event photos available here.
Please diarise Thursday 3 November 2011 for our next event.

Below is an event review by the gorgeous Robyn Hobson:

12 Sep 2011

Spring Girl Geek Dinner

I checked out the Spring Girl Geek Dinner in Cape Town last week. It was my first time at this increasingly popular event and yes, everyone dresses like they’re French Royalty, looks like Kirsten Dunst and has a fancy butler to hold their Macbook. The dinner is basically a meet up for all the fabulously geeky girls in Cape Town and this one was held at the Savoy Cabbage.

Hats off to Mariska for organising this. It was painfully obvious that a woman had organised this event. Sorry guys, but like pregnancy, you just can’t beat us on this one. The attention to detail, the planning, the execution and the pretty things we were given were all appreciated.

The goodie bags rocked my socks and the cupcakes from Chef Sam were amazing. They honestly tasted as good as they looked. In fact, a lot of convo was dedicated to how we could nick the extra ones.

We were stoked to see that Rapelang Rabana was the key speaker. I heard her speak at NetProphet and find her an incredibly inspirational woman. I was glad to get the chance to meet her. She’s down to earth and just awesome really. Girl Crush alert.

I took two key points  away from her talk:

1. You can’t outsource your competitive advantage and expect it to work out

2. Don’t mess around. Make a decision.

It was really cool to meet up with old friends and meet some new ones. I know that sounds swiss-cheddar-cheesey, but it really is true.

So keep an eye out for the next one. I’d recommend GGDCPT to any geeky girl who wants to do a bit of networking, find a bit of inspiration and have a few laughs with some really awesome woman.

Plus you may even get a cupcake… or two.

*image sourced here


2 thoughts on “Event write-up: September GGDCPT

  1. Inky says:

    Question: if it is supposed to be a Girl’s Geek event, why are guys now allowed to come? I may as well go any other random geek event if it’s mixed. Is the whole point not to network with other women, and support woman in IT??

    • marketingengineer says:

      Hi Inky

      Thank you for your comment. In keeping with the spirit of Girl Geek Dinner, please have a look at the Mission Statement:
      To break down old fashioned social stereotypes.
      To identify routes around barriers to entry for anyone to get into technology.
      To encourage and nurture those interested in technology.
      To work with local schools, colleges and universities to encourage more women into the technology industry.
      To support those currently in the industry and work together to figure out the issues and the solutions.
      To include men, women and children in this journey…. and not exclude men from Girl Geek Dinner Events

      The purpose of Girl Geek Dinners is to create an event where women (and men) can network, share ideas and be inspired. One of the rules of GGD is that there should never be more men than women at events, and that the men who attend, be invited by a girl to the event. So, at Girl Geek Dinners Cape Town, we do network with (mostly) other women and support women in IT by creating a platform for (more) girls than guys.

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