Girl Geek Dinner Mobile App goes live

What could be more geeky right now than having your own App? The Girl Geek Dinners stand for everything geeky and try our best to utilise every geeky platform available to us. We have a website and all relevant social media channels but all that was missing was an App. Snapplify, a mobile solutions startup born in the Silicon Cape, enables content producers to distribute their content via Apps. They were extremely supportive of the idea and instantly decided to sponsor our Apps.

CEO, Wesley Lynch stated, “We build great solutions and although our tech enables larger companies to do better business online and via mobile, it is still extremely important for us to support smaller initiatives whenever we can. A great way to do this was to selectively sponsor event Apps. The Girl Geek Dinner events are impressive and we are proud to be involved.”

The Girl Geek Dinner Event App is free to download and the content within the App is free as well. The App features all pre and post event information including pictures, speaker information, sponsor information as well as embedded maps, videos and web pages. It is available for Android and Apple devices including smartphones and tablets.

  The tabs at the bottom of the App enables users to visit the Girl Geek Dinner Cape Town WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter Feed. Snapplify will also add a tab that allows users to register for upcoming events via the App as well. Geeky girls love geeky things and therefore this App had to encompass every nifty functionality possible.

“The GGDCPT Mobile Apps are absolutely amazing! The attendees can now get access to all consolidated information via one simple App. Seeing that this is an event App, the embedded maps makes life so much easier for the guests as well. Embedding media into the content was clearly explained in the Snapplify tutorials available on the website, for a non-designer, this saved me so much time. Thank you to the Snapplify team for enabling our dinners to be even more geekier.” – Suhaifa Naidoo, Organiser of GGDCPT.

Download the Girl Geek Dinner Cape Town App onto your device today.

iOS or Android 


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