Meet the Startup Challenge Finalists



Government Hack South Africa is a community movement to encourage and foster collaboration between developers, coders and government to facilitate software services that increase efficiency and improve sustainability through creating practical solutions to government problems.


lab 41


We offer a full-solution web presence for our customers. We have developed some smart tech that allows customers to power their website through our ‘black box’. We offer ancillary modules that are hosted within your website including CRM, recruitment, email marketing, online shop and social media modules.



Tidy & Co

Tidy & Co. is an online store that will help you find a relevant, personal gift for a loved one. Our site offers a range of quality products for a variety of occasions with a gift finder engine that narrows down the products to a personalized recommended selection, and we’ll ship it to you or your loved one overnight.



Write On!

Write On empowers adults and teenagers to express themselves creatively through telling their story. We provide writing and creative story telling courses, classes and workshops both in person and online for personal development, creative expression and healing.



The Skinny Juice Co.

The Skinny Juice Co. offers you raw, fresh, cold pressed juice from produce sourced in and around Cape Town. Introducing 6 Skinny flavours filled to the brim with nutrients, anti-oxidants, endogenous acids, vitamins and minerals. All our juices are preservative free, 100% raw juice.




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